Endo Invisible

Endo Invisible Fundraiser Scarf


We met Melissa Tison, the amazing founder of Endo InVisible, through the fundraiser scarf we created for Ursuline Academy Dallas. When she told us about her organization we were so excited and honored to help raise awareness and support for such a worthy cause. Read on for more info or visit endoinvisible.org.  

Founded in 2016, Endo InVisible is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is threefold: raise the profile of, educate the world about, and help fund surgery for, endometriosis. We believe that offering women and individuals equal access to life-changing excision surgery to treat endometriosis makes our communities stronger. Individuals can pursue their education and careers, build and care for their families, and regain hope for a healthy life. Your support allows those with endometriosis the best chance at a life free from the debilitating effects of this disease. For more info visit them on social media @endoinvisible or at endoinvisible.org.

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