Wooden mala with Onikas fabric tassel #ZEROWASTE

Featured Item - Our "Semilla" Poncho

We love this neutral color way of oatmeal and natural, and the beautiful weave of this lightweight 100% cotton piece created by our women weavers in Ecuador. This weave was christened "semilla" or "seed" by the head weaver, because of the diamond-like pattern and the fact that seeds are universal elements. For our weavers, every item has significance and symbolic meaning.

Check out our video below by the talented team at Surda TV!!

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Take a virtual trip to Ecuador with us and meet our weavers. Video by Surda TV Ecuador.

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Heart Roars

Heart Roars

Bryonie Wise & the limits of our practice

(an ode to an Instagram friendship)


“I accept the love

I think I deserve,

in every part of my life-

&, it all starts here.

(Points to heart beating in chest)

-Bryonie Wise



I first discovered the work of Toronto based yogi Bryonie Wise from an Elephant Journal article a while back. Her words rang so true that I started following her on IG (you should too - @heart_roars) and immediately started grooving on her images as well as the poignancy of her words.

October 31, 2017 by The Onikas
There's a lot of history in these textures...

There's a lot of history in these textures...

Hello everyone, Jonnyka here!  Last weekend my hubby Carmen and I went to the amazing Contemporary Museum at Laguna Gloria in Austin to shoot our new ponchos.  It was a beautiful sunny Texas day and my artist husband played staff photographer and myself the model. The reality is that the best photos taken were the gorgeous product shots that revealed simple textures and details. In the midst of our shoot Carmen became super inspired by the way each product looked against the natural surroundings. And seriously, it does not get much better than this museum, a beautiful partly indoor, partly outdoor, sculpture park.  Austinites - if you have not been recently, run-- don't walk --as it is an art-filled oasis! 
September 20, 2017 by The Onikas
Healing Hands

Healing Hands

"August rain: the best of the summer gone and the new fall yet born. The odd, uneven time." -Sylvia Plath 


Today, a day after the worst torrential rain I have ever experienced, I had a much needed chacra alignment by Miami based reiki master, healer, and spiritual astrologer Monica Perez of Mistica Violeta. Aside from her extraordinary healing hands, this amazing woman is hilarious, compassionate and fun. She is a distant cousin, our mothers grew up together, and now our daughters are friends. After our session I to pick her exuberant brain about the nature of the healer/patient relationship.

August 02, 2017 by The Onikas